UUCC Finals Day Predictions

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time for some predictions. A look at the balance of powers and then making a decision with no wishy-washiness. After all, this blog should create engage readers in discussion by presenting a point of view.

Yes, I might be wrong but I’ll learn why…pretty much the way I play Ultimate, make a decision, learn, become better. I hope you won’t be afraid to make a choice.

I will be cheering for both teams from the sidelines…most of the time.


At 0900 we’ll see The Capitals take on the World Champions Fury. Capitals have shown poise and played a strong game against Riot to get to this point. Fury have been here before and expect to be here. Fury also expects to win. Both teams have been in plenty of finals and I don’t think that the pressure will affect Capitals as it can simply be considered like the Canadian finals they’ve been in.

Both teams are from cooler climates and are by now acclimatized to the heat. Both teams are probably in bed and shouldn’t be affected by fatigue. The crowds should be evenly balanced and perhaps even in favor of Capitals.

However, Fury’s 15-7 win over Capitals in power pool play is important and I believe that Fury will come out even stronger. Capitals know they can beat the teams but they lack the depth and chemistry that Fury’s lines have.

I call this in favor of Fury: 15-12. It should be a close game and I’ll be cheering for Capitals from the sideline.


Midday will bring two phenomenal teams that have shown few (if any) flaws throughout this tournament. Both have had perhaps one or two lapses in focus and have quickly bounced back from both. Both teams have powerful lines and it’ll be a joy to see them battle it out on the field.

Once again both teams come from moderate climates but shouldn’t be affected by the weather. Both teams can play well in the wind and both are undefeated. Ironside has a better point differential than Revolver. The only team that both have played at this tournament is Doublewide whom Ironside beat 15-7 while Revolver dispatched them in semis 15-11.

While Revolver are the World Champions I believe that Ironside is fitter and are peaking in time for this tournament.

I call this in favor of Ironside: 15-11. I’ll be cheering for Revolver from the sideline.


The final game of the day will feature the fun Polar Bears vs the fun but not quite as fun District 5. Both teams were in the same power pool and both teams are surprises this year.

Polar Bears are going in as the heavy favorites as they’ve defeated CLX twice, upset District 5 in pool play: 15-8 and have a huge fan following. Frankly I don’t know what D5 can bring to counter da Bears.

Da Bears will win 15-6 and I’ll be cheering from them from the sideline.

Sit back and enjoy a great game from home on the USA Ultimate website.

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