Sidelines: 2010-10-22

We’re coming off of a big weekend of Ultimate going into the last relaxation weekend before we head to USA Ultimate Championships. This week we’ve got plenty of videos, a bit of clubs news, and the general potpourri that you’ve come to expect on a Friday:

Sweet Hammer Grab

Tony (of Leonardo) and I were sitting around enjoying a very nice chicken steak (we each had our own) outside the goat pen in Prague when a gentleman named Elroy Jetson asked to use Tony’s laptop.  Turns out that Elroy was on Grandmaster Flash (a Polish mixed team) and he was updating his blog.  Turns out that he also makes some sweet videos:

VOXMAJ Ultimate Frisbee

En Francais and with some interesting faces including a few Internationally known ones.

Schedule and Seedings

Speaking of USA Ultimate, they’ve released the Schedule as well as Seeding for each division!  You can find it here along with pools as well.  Jeff is writing up a preview article for the Championships and we’ll post that early next week.  I (Tushar) will be heading down to provide a bit of coverage from location.

USA Ultimate Digital Magazine

Ultimate Canada has had a digital magazine for quite a while and USA Ultimate has decided to provide their’s online as well:

Ibuprofen hurts?

Via Sludge comes this year old article from The New York Times Health Blog that asks whether Ibuprfen Helps or Hurts During Exercise.  A few quotes from the article:

“There was no difference between the runners using ibuprofen and those who weren’t. So the painkillers were not useful for reducing pain” during the long race, he says, and afterward, the runners using ibuprofen reported having legs that were just as sore as those who hadn’t used the drugs.

Moreover, Warden and other researchers have found that, in laboratory experiments on animal tissues, NSAIDs actually slowed the healing of injured muscles, tendons, ligament, and bones. “NSAIDs work by inhibiting the production of prostaglandins,”substances that are involved in pain and also in the creation of collagen, Warden says.

When, then, are ibuprofen and other anti-inflammatory painkillers justified? “When you have inflammation and pain from an acute injury,” Warden says. “In that situation, NSAIDs are very effective.” But to take them “before every workout or match is a mistake.”

I guess you’ll have to switch back to hard liquor.


A new site has popped up in the last few days that allows Ultimate players to collaborate and receive real time updates on competitions and leagues.  The updates come from Twitter and it appears to be a good aggregation tool.

Check it out at

TUC 30th Anniversary Gala

It’s here!  The TUC 30th Anniversary Gala is today and you can snag a ticket if you’re on time.

Marking the Thrower

Many Ultimate players are bad at marking and it’s hard to get in the right frame of mind if you don’t have a reference video.  Ultimate Rob brings us another great video:

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