Sidelines: 2010-10-15

As we start our weekend in Ottawa at CUUC we can’t help but think that we best keep you occupied until our coverage really gets going on our Twitter feed:  Expect score updates, photos, and some video.  I’ll also try to get a daily recap in place but I’m in downtown Ottawa with the UWO Sharks and I expect there to be shenanigans.

In this episode we look at:

CUC Junior All-Stars

Let’s start with the future of Ultimate (or so they tell us).  Thirty one Juniors were selected by their teammates and coaches as All Stars at CUC 2010 in Sherbrooke.  You can view their profiles and start recruiting via the Ultimate Canada website:

USA Ultimate 2011 Board Candidates and Statements

Given the recent changes in branding as well as the continued explosive growth of Ultimate in the USA it’s important that new board members be selected with some care.  Unfortunately the voting record of past years indicates that few care to vote.  Perhaps by bringing your attention to the upcoming elections and those running for the board we can assist in greater participation by the membership.

For those interested, one of the people running for the board position is Stephen “Pumba” Hubbard who has contributed to this website.

What if the US had Commonwealth Games

Perhaps falling under the Pan-American Games or perhaps not, an Indian writer wonders what sports might be included in the US Commonwealth Games.


We have in the past posted a video of Paganello from 1991 (we’ll post it again soon as well as others).  YouTube provided this gem of actual club play from 1991:

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