Sidelines 2010-10-01

On the first of Championships Month we’ve got a larger list to make up for fewer videos…and maybe a bit more writing:

Phew!  Let’s get started!

WA/BC Club Sectionals Photos

<!-- raw HTML omitted --> A great set of action photos are available on kejadlen’s Flickr Stream including this set from WA/BC Club Sectionals 2010.

Mistrzostwa Polski 2010 Results

Held last weekend the Polish National Championships featured sixteen Mixed teams from around…Poland.  Furious Goats took Gold over Grandmaster Flash (the only Polish team at WUCC) with a score of 15-11 (Game Play).

One of the most surprising aspects of Furious Goats is how well balanced they are with goals and assists spread out over the whole team.  They’re so balanced that they barely crack the top 20 with one player for total points and goals scored, whereas other teams have plenty of players up there.  The danger in having one or two star strikers is that once they’re shut down the team, essentially, shuts down.

Big Throw Manhattan

Plenty of photos from the Big Throw in Manhattan where about one hundred (odd people) gathered to throw some discs in the air.  Pretty cool commemorative discs too.

WCBU 2011 Update

The Facebook Group is growing and FFindr will be the official registration system.

EUCF 2010

Was that going on this weekend?  Running from today (October 1st) till Sunday (3rd) EUCF 2010 is underway in in Spain!  Featuring 16 Open teams and 8 Women’s teams this is an elite set of European teams competing for their biggest prize.


VC Sublimation Contest

VC Ultimate is having a sublimation contest that ends on November 1st.  First place is 20 VC Sublimated Jerseys with second place getting 20 white VC Classic Jerseys.

You can find the contest album on Facebook with some pretty neat designs from:  Furious Goats, Warriors, SUNY Oneonta State, and many others!  Head on over and “Like” the ones you…Like.

Paganello 2011

With the theme of “Forever Young” now selected the bid process is open and accepting bids.  With teams from all over the world (including Japan!) this will be one of the most International Paganello experiences ever.  Thinking of going? Then get at team together and Register.

USA Ultimate Club Series Bid Distribution

Bids for Nationals have been announced with Central picking up two Growth wildcards and one size wildcard.  As expected the Northwest Women have three bids rather than four and this weekend will be quite important for the Regionals that Traffic and Zeitgeist will face off in.

On another note, I don’t know who else has been doing this but since the change from UPA to USA Ultimate an acronym has been harder to come by.  “USA Series” and “USA Ultimate Championships” don’t quite roll off the tongue nicely.  My simple solution has been to do the most obvious and call it “UU Finals” or “UU” whenever USA Ultimate is being referred to.

I’ll be heading to Yoo-Yoo finals to provide coverage for this site and see what else I can learn.

The Huddle Needs Your Help!

Ben Wiggins has posted a request on The Huddle asking for your help in transitioning the Huddle to USAU (UU).  It’s an important resource that will hopefully continue to be provided.

Philly Fusion Trade Show and Skills Clinic Video

Without Limits encourages growth in Women’s Ultimate by building relationships between youth, college, and club teams.  At Philly Fusion they ran a skills clinic:

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