Oktoberfest 2010 – Photos by Chris McCormick and Jon Hines

This was my fourth year playing at Oktoberfest (Mixed Division, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada).  I always enjoy playing in this tournament because the weather is typically awful and that means that the games are pretty challenging for people who throw the disc a lot like myself, plus, it is 10 minutes from my home :).  I was playing on team “Wreck™”, the team in tie-dyed jerseys shown in the pictures below.  One of my teammates, Chris McCormick, got injured on point 2, of our first game of the tournament and was stuck on the sidelines for the rest of the weekend.  Chris took pictures 1-7 with my camera on day 2 of the tournament.  The weather this year was better than usual with generally bright sun and a strong cross wind all day.  Competition was tight, the first place team was seeded 5th going in and had a close game against the eventual 9th place team on day 1.  My team came in 4th with narrow losses to the second and third place teams.

Oktoberfest is a special tournament because of the spirit surrounding it.  In Kitchener/Waterloo, it is traditional to dress up in “German” clothing (Lederhosen and Dirndls) or other such costumes to go out to the festivities which are scattered all around the region over the week of the festival.  The ultimate tournament connected to the festival also features a fair bit of dressing up, although perhaps less this year than I’ve become used to.  Most of the teams at the tournament looked familiar but were playing under different names which has a similar effect to dressing up in costumes.  The lack of a team name to defend seemed to make players more laid back, and all the games I played in were friendly and a lot of fun to play.

The pictures below were taken by Chris McCormick and Jon Hines on day 2 of the Kitchener/Waterloo Oktoberfest tournament.


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