NoTsuOh@Paganello Documentary Trailer Online

You all know my love of Paganello and it’s one of the primary reasons why I love the game so much.  In 2008 a grand project to document NotSuOh’s final Paganello was undertaken.  The project continues and the first hurdle of raising $1000 has been surpassed.  In recognition of passing the first milestone Brett has posted a trailer on his site:

It’s a great trailer that introduces us to how NotSuOh became friends with the tournament and organizers.  In addition to the guys on the team the trailer has some words from: Jumpi, Luca, Gege, and Bunny.  The guys in yellow are Scadour, the boys from Rimini, who also found 2008 to be their last year (so far).

Thank you to those that have contributed to the project.

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