Weekend Update! 2010-09-20

It’s been a crazy weekend for Ultimate in much of North America and here’s as much of it as I could dig up.  Within we’ll summarize:

In the future we would like to expand coverage beyond just our region, if you’re interested in providing content please contact editor@iamultimate.com.

Stall Fall

The A division was won by “Frisbee Team” captained by Dan “Blue” Yankee and composed of players from Maverick, PPF, and “other”.  The “other” included notable pickup Sachin Raina who has returned from his studies in Europe where he played with Cambo Cakes at both Paganello and WUCC 2010.  “Frisbee Team” faced “Sick Mitts” in a finals that came down to Universe point with FT receiving.  Starting from their own brick they worked it to half field before a huck from Sachin found Blue in the end zone for a point and a clean sweep of the weekend.

The B division was won by “Parkour” which is a league team in the process of turning into a touring team.  A young group that added two old guys to their roster in the days leading up to the tournament, as well as a U23 Canadian Champion, they faced “Queen B and the Swamp Donkeys” in the finals.  On Saturday the “Donkeys” had defeated “Parkour” 12-8 due to a mid-game collapse.  In the Finals “Parkour” brought focus and intensity after a messy first point (6 turns in total) to take a 5-0 lead.  “Parkour” maintained the lead throughout the game despite a mid-game lull and finished strong with a 15-9 win.

Stall Fall is run by Perpetual Motion in Guelph and you can find the results page here.

Harvest Fall

Harvest Fall is held in Peterborough and is also considered a must attend tournament for casual to beginner touring teams in Toronto and beyond.  Organized by Peterborough Ultimate I’ve attended this tournament in the past but due to conflicts with Sectionals in recent years I’ve been unable to make it.

The level of play tends to be lower than Stall Fall with teams generally more interested in the parties on Friday and Saturday night.  Friday night traditionally has a game of glow in the dark Ultimate as well as camping at the fields.  Late nights are the norm and it’s very casual much like the people and city.  This year it was won by “Top Gunned” who are a group of former Crisis, Liquid, and current PPF players that decided to put together a casual team to tournaments like Harvest and Gender Blender.


In Open Carleton (1) faced McGill (8) in the finals to squeak out a 10-8 win.  Carleton won a very tight match against Guelph (4) in the semis 13-12 to make it to the finals.  Surprisingly, Western (2) finished fifth after losing to McGill in the quarters.

In Women’s Ottawa (1) and Toronto (2) faced off in the finals with Ottawa taking the Eastern’s trophy.  Guelph (3) finished 3rd against Carleton (4) and appears that the top five teams maintained seed.  Western jumped up to 6th from 7th in a 14-10 loss to Queens (5).

Upstate New York Club Mixed Sectionals

With nine teams vying for two spots to Regionals tight games were expected all around and we got them.  Of particular note was the attendance of “Milton” from Canada who are a mix of MONSTER and MuD players.  The aforementioned teams found themselves matched evenly throughout the season and decided to try the fall series with a combined team.

The primary competitors for the two spots to Regionals were: Bermuda, Milton, Kung Fu Grip, Destructors, and Lake Effect.  Bermuda marched through day 1 by winning their pool 4-0 while Kung Fun Grip went 3-0 with relative ease.  Sunday brought close games all around with Bermuda threatened by Destructors 15-12 in the first semi and again in the first place match by Milton 15-14.

In a repeat of the morning semi the game to go found Milton facing Kung Fu Grip and in a repeat performance dispatched them 15-11.  Bermuda and Milton head to North East Mixed Regionals.

Results on Score Reporter.

The attendance of Canadian teams in the USA series has not been welcomed by players in section based upon comments from some of my friends on the teams that didn’t qualify.

Philly Fusion

With Sectionals next weekend Women’s teams from around the NE gathered in Philadelphia for one last tuneup before their first leg to Finals.  Capitals headed down with a shorter roster of 15 and without a couple of their star players.

Competing in Pool A were Brute Squad, Capitals, Scandal, Bent, Phoenix, Hot Metal, Showdown, and Blue Route.  In a surprising turn each team suffered at least one loss and won at least one game.  By Sunday afternoon Brute Squad stood atop the Pool with a single loss, Capitals found themselves tied with Scandal with a 5-2 record and took second due to their head to head win (12-11) on Saturday.

The Championship game was won by Brute Squad, 14-12, over Capitals in a much tighter game than in pool play:  13-8.  Expect an exciting weekend at Regionals in the NE!  Sectionals first, though, next week.

Upstate New York Club Open Sectionals

GOAT had a quick and tidy weekend by going 6-0 in pool play followed by a 14-7 win over Vanier Wildcats in the finals.  GLUM (CUC 2010 Master’s Champions) had a shot at making Regionals as well but were defeated by Vanier Wildcats in the game to go.  Firebird finished strong with a win over The He Man Women Haters Club (classic vs modern).

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