Sidelines: 2010-09-10

There was positive feedback last week so we’ll continue with it!  If you have any news, ideas, or tidbits that cannot be contained in a full post.

This week we have:

Paganello Updates

If you’ve ever met me (Tushar) in person then I’ve probably talked to you about Paganello and, logistically, we can get you there for the next one.  It’s a experience of a lifetime and one that every Ultimate player should experience several times.

Almost immediately after Paganello XX ended Jumpi sent out an email with theme ideas.  One in particular stuck out and everybody thought about it for a while as discussion died down.  After the summer break Jumpi once again sent out an email and it was decided upon that Paganello XXI would be:  Forever Young (Facebook invite).

I sent an invite to almost 300 of my Facebook friends and slowly but surely they’re signing up.  This might just be the biggest Paga ever.

Jumpi has been sending the following video around:

  1. Sunday September 12th is an Outdoor Celebration at Sunnybrook Park in Toronto.  The park has been host to many Ultimate events including World’s, CUC 2007, the annual start of season tournaments, mid summer tournaments, and in general just a lot of Ultimate.  It is one of my favourite places to play Ultimate in.  The Celebration runs from 1200-1800 (6pm) on Sunday and will feature the semi finals for Scally’s Cup, all star games, and a Big Hammers vs MONSTER feature game.  ROGERS TV will be filming some of the action.
  2. Friday October 22nd will the 30th Anniversary Gala at Steam Whistle Brewery from 1900 (7pm) till 0100.  You can purchase Gala tickets online.  There will be Awards Ceremonies and the Premier of the TUC Documentary: “30 Years of TUC” directed by Otto Chung.  No word as to whether ROGERS TV will be filming the boat races.

Photos from Labor Day

Teams have been linking to a gallery from Free Heel Images (Andrew Davis) and you can find that full gallery here:

Bring Your Disc to Work Day

I’ll mention this to people next week but this is important enough to mention now.

Ultimate Canada is encouraging people to bring their disc to work on Thursday September 16th.

In addition to helping promote our sport and build awareness there will be prizes given out for photos submitted.  You’re also likely to find people in your workplace that play Ultimate but that you’d never have found out without such a day.

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