Sidelines 2010-09-24

This week in Sidelines!  Plenty of videos!

Let’s get started shall we?

Point Break SF?

Valerio Iani is a fantastic Italian player that has recently moved to the US with his wife.  They started out on the east coast but are now on the West side of the continent in the Bay Area.  While in Italy he worked for the FIFD in youth development and was responsible for substantially popularizing the sport and working on skill development.  He also ran a little hat tournament…in Rome:

Nowadays between practicing with UC Berkeley, playing Goaltimate with Revolver and Jam, and hanging out on the beach he’s considering running a similar tournament in San Francisco.  Interested?  I’ll pass on the word.

Bring Your Disc to Work Day recap

The event appears to have been a success and many International participants my inadvertently have taken part as well.

You can find photos and comments by pretty much every single Canadian in Canada (a gross exaggeration…some have posted twice) on the Ultimate Canada Facebook Event Page.

Revisiting Henry Callahan

Match Diesel posted an article with the following hook on his blog:

What do most folks think when they see something like this ? Callahan right? Ok great, but where does that name come from? Who was “Callahan” and why is a catch block D in the endzone named after him? Why are the rules named after him? Why is the college ultimate MVP award named after him? Two years ago, I didn’t know and I think most folks out there still don’t.

That lead to one of the more interesting Ultimate related articles I’ve read.  It’ll take you four or five minutes to read but it’s worth the time.  Read it in it’s entirety.

Kids playing Ultimate rather well

Norway is developing some serious Ultimate players and is starting young:

More videos and details on the Hønefoss Ultimate Cup.

FC playing FB

The Seattle Sounders (an MLS team) were caught playing Ultimate during a practice.  That’s it…just a quick blurb.

Stanford Demo

During the halftime of the Stanford-Wake Forest match on September 18th the Ultimate team put on a half time demo.  A quick scrimmage with a reasonably excited crowd.  The game starts almost exactly 2 minutes into the following video.

Chesapeake Open 2010 Photos and Highlights by UltiPhotos

Kevin Leclaire posted a message on RSD with the following links:

FFindr! Translate

Christian Jennewein continues his work on FFindr! and has created a Translation tool to assist with translating FFindr! to other languages.  Visit the page and see if you can help.

FFindr has also been selected as the official registration tool for Beach Worlds 2011.

How do Discs Fly?

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