CEUCC – Western

Western Captain Mark Lloyd (one of two captains, I believe) has sent in a recap of their experience at CEUCC 2010.

They say the hardest thing to do in sports is repeat a championship. I think it is equally as hard to win a championship after being so close to one, but falling short just outside the finish line. How does a team rebound from such heartbreak? This is what we on the Western Sharks are looking to find out this season.

This years edition of the Sharks is our biggest ever with 21 players, but also maybe our most inexperienced with half the team being new on the A squad.

With these factors in mind our goal at Eastern’s was a bit different than it was last year. Last year we wanted to make a statement and we did just that. This year we were looking to develop the athletic talent we have and give as many guys as many points as possible. We did just that. Day 1 saw us play some solid but outmatched teams in the morning. McGill B was impressive in their ability to cut up line, but once we neutralized that their inexperience playing showed. McMaster A was boasting a lot of new raw talent and they played hard but Westerns experienced players had a few crafty moves that made it hard for Mac to match. After our extended bye (Carleton B forfeiture of a game due to injuries and low numbers) we matched up with the second seed in our pool Ottawa. We had only played them once last year at Eastern’s, and seen them go toe-to-toe in a very impressive game with UBC in pool play at CUUC in Montreal. Ottawa was effective in using the up the line handler cut and then huck from the power position. This is how the majority of their points were scored. In the second half we adjusted to this and caused a few more turns and pulled away with a final of 13-7. This meant we had a bye the next day until noon. For anyone who knows the Sharks, this may have been bad news as it meant we could drink later on into the night/morning.

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