Tundra at Mixed Up

Dinesh plays on Tundra and has setup a blog where he’s posted about his experience at Mixed Up:

We left Toronto late at night on the Friday before the tournament hoping to avoid the late rush of traffic exiting the city. I was as yet unsure about my living arrangements in Ottawa, but thanks to the generosity of one of my teammates, I wasn’t left stranded in the nation’s capital. “This is it,” said one of the captains on our drive up to Ottawa. “Our tune-up time for Nationals!”

He was right. Throughout our entire season, regardless of which tournament we were at, our main goal as a team was the qualify for Nationals. We’d done it. Now what?

You can find the full (long) post here:  http://dineshbalakrishnan.blogspot.com/2010/08/my-ulti-ventures-mixed-up-2010.html

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