ROY – Day 4

The final post from JJ Santos on his experience at CUC 2010 in Sherbrooke:

Sad as it is to say, there’s no game update for ROY on day 4 of nationals this year. This year. A team this young definitely shows promise for the future. I have faith.

The Onyx-RIP mixed final swung back and forth, but back for Onyx in the end at 14-12 (on soft cap). Mixed is such a different game than women’s or open, it’s like comparing NFL to CFL. Different strategy, different complexion to the game, different everything apart from the very basics. Storm took Stella in a strong 15-6 win where Storm played stifling D all game. Stella really didn’t look like they had the jukes and throws to get through Storm’s 4-(wo)man cup. Mephisto and Moondoggies had easily the most intense game of the day for the open final though. The good old Montreal-Toronto rivalry, Habs vs Leafs, Expos vs Jays, Als vs Argos. Sidenote: why do all Toronto teams wear blue while Montreal teams wear red? Phenomenal game nonetheless with Mephisto showing signs of pulling away a few times before Moondoggies got their act together and made their final push to eventually win it 15-13.

Big thanks to Tushar for getting me into the booth upstairs to run the Twitter feed and viewer emails for the IAmUltimate broadcast, great experience all-around, and shoutouts to Rahil Suleiman for the play-by-play and Nate Brown for the colour commentary. :)

Huge props to Damien for an awesome tournament, facility and party, I think I speak for all the players and coaches and everyone involved when I say that you did a great job running the show.

– Javier Jalapeño Santos

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