ROY – Day 3

Ultimate can be a very frustrating game. It’s so easy to be inconsistent in it, which can be painful. ROY is a very inconsistent team.

We started against Magma (all sporting the dirtiest of Sanchezes on their faces) and crashed and burned. Another heartbreaker, 11-9, continuing yesterday’s trend. We just didn’t execute, lots of drops and not a lot of smart cuts and throws. Everything good just didn’t happen consistently. That game left us bitter, me more than most. Our second game against Sirloin was no contest, a 15-8 trouncing that took a turn for the worse pretty early with a foul-fest point that ended in a shoving match. A boring game in my opinion, not a lot of interest happened. So on to the Tommy Douglas Dream Machine. Much better game, lots of energy, smart plays and big D for everyone. Huzzah! It’s just Too Bad that we pulled our good game out at the end instead of the start.

We dropped one seed to 13 overall, which isn’t terrible for a team that was touted as “the surprise” at nationals. I wasn’t satisfied with that tournament, but I’m known to be a bit…how you say…overcritical.

I need to learn to eat during tournaments. The pangs of hunger definitely set in at the end of the TDDM game, I was definitely writhing in pain on the sidelines. Not a good feeling.

To the party!

– Javier Jalapeño Santos

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