ROY – Day 2

Well that was interesting. ROY is an interesting team.

Let me just say to start that I was entirely wrong on my prediction but right in my reasons to predict it.

I’ll explain. Our first game against Red Circus (Halifax) was tight, as predicted, but we lost it a frustrating 13-11. What happened was that the horn for 90 minutes went, it was 12-11 and the timekeeper called the game. Right in the middle of the point. What? Yeah, just “it’s over”. So both team captains argued with him for about 10 minutes to let us play out the point, and we did, and since our line had stood around shaking their heads for 10 minutes, we’d lost our flow and were now cold. The point (re)starts and we get a drop on the goal line on maybe the third throw. Red Circus turns around and punches it in. Disappointing.

But life goes on. And we went on to play Mephisto, the reigning champs. They played like the reigning champs and we played like the team everyone expected us to be. Again, disappointing.

Game 3: Bloody Gary, such a winnable game. We went up 8-4 at half, everything running like clockwork, and finished hard to a 13-9 final score. Oh wait, no we didn’t, we shot ourselves in the foot so many times that we didn’t have a foot left by the end of the first half. 8-2 it ended up, with our D line scoring the second and taking about 20 minutes to lose the point after. Our offense was not working, period. Throwaways, drops, hesitance, laziness, everything. I think points 3 through 6 that Bloody Gary scored were on drops or throwaways of the first or second throw out of the end zone, and they were up 6-0 in no time. It ended a painful 11-5 just because we actually picked up our game once we realized that we needed 6 points after the soft cap horn went. Too little, too late, Too Bad.

My play was quite decent, I taught myself something that works. I was proud to know the game enough to teach myself effective things. On an obvious off-line cut, it’s so much more effective to watch the thrower and mark 50-50 (keeping your body in a marking position) and position yourself for the Berkeley cut or dump based on that. Tell me if I’m crazy, but I stalled a guy down because of it.

Quote of the tournament: “JACK!!! JACK!!! Look at all this! Look! We’ve conquered half THE WORLD!!!” – Joachim “Jingle” Tingle (sleep-talking)

– Javier Jalapeño Santos

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