ROY – Day 1

JJ Santos has played with many of the Waterloo players for a few years since his teacher introduced Ultimate to him in high school (Scott Kemp on Maverick).  JJ and I have played with Too Bad this season and practiced with Maverick.  He’s a kid that’s just starting to learn about the game and already playing quite well.  After Too Bad failed to make Nationals he picked up with ROY and has been playing quite a bit on their D line.  Here’s his day 1:

2 buses, a coach, a subway and an 8 hour car ride later, and I’m in Sherbrooke. With ROY. That’s awesome.

Note to all Tournament Directors: starting games at noon makes people love you.

So game 1, Blackfish, I can’t say we played well but we weren’t terrible. 14-6 isn’t the worst thing that could’ve happened, but not the best. Hard D really helped but we threw a lot away. I didn’t do anything outstanding, but didn’t do anything outstandingly bad. It was adequate. Game 2, Moondoggies, need I say more? I think we made them actually play hard for a few points, but….it’s Moondoggies. Game 3 was awesome though. The rematch from regionals of ROY vs. Firebird. Oh the suspense. You could feel the electricity in the air. Alright, so I’m exaggerating, sue me. But it was a great game, lots of contested discs and big plays. ROY always had it from the start, it was close but no cigar for Firebird. It was relatively close until 11-8 (for ROY) where our D line went out and took the rest of the game. 12-8, 13-8, 14-8 then 14-9 on an extremely  long point that was well into hard cap. The whole team played phenomenally, myself not included. People say I did but I tend to not overvalue myself. Or even value myself, so I’m told. But I digress. Good day all around for ROY.

Tomorrow: Red Circus, Bloody Gary and Mephisto. I predict wins over Bloody Gary and a tight one over Red Circus.

– Javier Jalapeño Santos

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