Overdrive Blog Part 1: Shake & Bake

As part of our CUC coverage we asked captains, coaches, and players to send us updates and their thoughts so we could share them with our readers.  We start with a blog post from a group of Toronto Juniors that play on Overdrive:

Overdrive was started with a dream, a vision if you will. This vision belonged to the one and only G-Master Wang (Gary). This dream is the fuel to our fire, the glory to our hole; it is what wakes us up in the morning, and puts us to sleep at night. This dream is to win.

Recently we visited Ottawa to play in the Mixed Up tournament. With a slow start against Voodoo due to some late night partying, Overdrive lost on universe point 13-12… They would be back, with a vengeance. They would proceed to trounce and bagel the teams that stood before them without mercy. They did this to both X2 (Ottawa 2nd Junior’s team) and Green Monster (Sherbrooke’s 2nd Junior’s team). Their greatest challenge for the first day stood in the form of ResureXion, the reincarnation of OJ. In a dominant performance, they wiped the field with the afore-mentioned team defeating them 13-1. It was a no contest.

Brandon Lusty was the inspiration to the team with an incredible layout D followed by a layout catch in the end zone… both were not comparable to Andrew Flemming’s renowned layout. After a night of focus and seriousness, the team got down to business the next morning sending Voodoo home with the bitter taste of defeat stuck in their mouths. The game was not very close with Overdrive playing “inspired ultimate” (Gary Wang) slaying Voodoo 15-7. The rest of the day was spent by the team chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool, throwing some discs outside of school. From there, the team attended “training camp” where they worked hard to try and perfect the perfect-it couldn’t be done. They were too strong already.

Coming into Nationals, the team has never been more focused. You can see it in their eyes. It looks like fire, mixed with ice, melted by the fire, so its not really ice anymore, more like water. But not tears or shit, like manliness… Overdrive Ultimate, coming to a field near you! ;)

by: Jaret “Wheels” Meron, Nick “The Legend” Skrypek, and Alex “Lusty” Boross-Harmer.

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