Newfoundland Liberation Army – Day 1

Peter and I have played together on Too Bad this season as well as on various Mixed teams as we’ve been picked up as a group.  He plays both as a handler and a mid-striker.  Peter is also a board member for London Ultimate and was the TD for London Calling this past weekend.  You can find his update below:

I was lucky enough to pick up with Newfoundland Liberation Army through a friend Pierre-Luc (PL) Bisaillon formerly of Wreckhouse. After meeting my new team on Wednesday night I found out that they were a great bunch of guys and very dedicated to ultimate.  However, this national tournament was going to be a huge learning experience for us as roughly half of our team had never played in a tournament before of any kind!

Thursday we played Red Circus of Halifax (8), Memphisto of Montreal (1) and finally Bloody Gary of Sherbrooke (9).

In our first game against Red Circus our inexperience showed. With great pulls RC set their zone on us early and we couldn’t handle it. Although Roger Fage was able to throw some cheeky blades over RC’s cup for most of the game we were doomed by turnovers.  It took until the second half to finally get on the board and we finished with only 1 point losing 15-1.

Now that we knew what we were in for we set some goals for our second game against Memphisto.  Our captains set our goal at two points against the top seed and I could tell from our attitude going in we were going to meet it.  We played much better and took 4 points of the experienced and athletic Memphisto.

In our final game of the day we played our best yet against Bloody Gary.  We started out slow with some unforced turnovers.  But led by great cutting from Sean Montague, terrific intensity from Jeff Pardy and leadership from Greg King and Patrick Frisby in the second half we rallied back to make the final score 15-9 Bloody Gary.

I’m looking forward to closer competition and better play from the Army on day 2.  As we take on Magma (MTL), Firebird (Ottawa) and SirLoin (Calgary)

Come at your peril Canadian Wolf.

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