Moondoggies – Day 3

Today was a day where we proved that we wanted another day of Ultimate.  That we could take on those that stood in our way.  That we would play against damn good teams and win.

Our last game on Friday was a loss against Mephisto.  The loss resulted in a tough match-up against GT as our first game of the day.  No longer did we have the luxury of pool play and grinding it out.  We needed to win and well so that we’d be able to collect ourselves and focus on the next round.

From the get go we brought pressure against a team that had been playing very well throughout the tournament.  Strategies were adapted and modified so that GT would not be able to properly react to plays that they practice with (GT is part of the Toronto Open system which has GOAT, GT, and ROY as their primary teams; Moondoggies has many GOAT players and as such will recognize any called plays).  The pressure payed dividends readily and we were able to comfortably build a lead against a team that had an unfortunate morning matchup (against us).  We won 13-7.

After our bye we faced General Strike.  Make no bones about it, they’re a tremendously good team filled with talent that proved it in the first point by breaking us.  Midway through the first half they broke us again to take a convincing lead.  Their sideline supporters openly showed enthusiasm that the game was out of our reach as Strike took half 8-7; leading and receiving into the second half.  So far the game had been dominated by the deep strikes of GS as well as their impressively aggressive defense.  It would require something monumental to change the tide of the game and we got that at 10-8 when Tim Tsang had a huge layout D on a backhand handler dump off of the sideline.  That single play fired our team up to the point that we closed the game out with one O point and three breaks:  15-12.  Kudos to Strike on their effort on every single point; it was all out all the way.

We’re in the finals folks.  Watch us live at 1400 ET in the Open finals:

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