Mixed Up Results

The results are in and congratulations to ONYX for winning Mixed Up two years running.


schedule has also been partially updated with scores and from that we can see some tight Sunday games for the top 8.

On their march to victory ONYX defeated RIP 13-9, Big Hammers, and finally faced MONSTER to win the finals 15-7.  MONSTER, for their part, beat BFC and MuD (in a tight 12-11 victory) before reaching the finals.  While RIP cruised to a fifth place finish after beating BFC 15-5 one can’t help but feel that they would have finished much higher had they not face ONYX first thing in the morning.

MuD showed that they can be a Sunday team by finishing third in a bright spot for Ontario Ultimate ahead of CUC.  Tundra had a tough weekend as several of their starters are missing or injured; fortunately they closed out the weekend with a win over seVen 13-4 to clinch 7th.  Big Hammers finished fourth after their second game loss to ONYX as Quebec Ultimate continued to show their dominance.

In a previous post I thought that CHAOS was attending CUC but like many teams from the West they had to choose between CUC or WUCC and they chose the obvious.  Given the results of the weekend ONYX are the heavy favourites to be CUC 2010 Champions.  We’ll have a look at their schedule this Tuesday when I’ve been told it will be posted.

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