Mixed Up – Day 1

Results from Saturday are in and there are a few surprises and upsets as seen on the schedule.

Pools A (ONYX, Tundra, Hard, Silver Fish Hand Catch, and Plogg) and D (Big Hammers, BFC, Zen, Animals, and Arrested Development) both played out by their seedings without any upsets.  The only surprising result out of Pool D was the large margin that Big Hammers defeated BFC by:  13-3; perhaps Big Hammers finally hit their groove?  We’ll find out after Sunday play where they’ll first face seVen and then most probably ONYX out of the ONYX vs RIP game.

In Pool C seVen from Ottawa upset both Tabasco and BigFish to take second spot in the pool.  seVen also appears to have given MONSTER a small run losing 13-10 and appears to be composed of many Ottawa and area star players; they’ve worked their way into the top 8 and will cause Big Hammers problems if the Hammers show weakness.

Finally onto perhaps the biggest news of the day:  MuD defeats RIP 14-13 to take the second seed in the tournament going into day 2.  We’ve seen MuD do this before when they surprised their pool at TUF earlier this year by taking top seed into Sunday before falling in an important game on Sunday.  Today they’ll face Tundra in their first game and MONSTER or BFC in the second, both of which will provide extremely important in their preparation for Nationals.

In the Juniors pool three teams tied for first with 3-1 records.  Overdrive lost in a tight match to RessureXion in their first game but after that have pummeled any remaining competition.  Voodoo defeated RessureXion 12-11 to create the mess at the top.

Finals results will be posted tonight.

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