Lotus – Day 2

Lotus had an easier day two at Nationals. We started the day against Wild Rose a talented team from Calgary. Sonia Komenda, (our cutter who is handling until Sat) and all star captain Kristen (rookie) Laurin gave lotus the start we needed going up 6-0. Lotus maintained their focus and finished the game with a solid 15-1.

The second and final game of the day was against hosts EXO. This team gave us more of a challenge as some points went long…too long. Kate Jardine found her striking game receiving lots of hucks from vets Mon Kerr-Costner and Meredith McNaughten. One of our other Ottawa pick ups, Alison also made some impressive grabs  mid field. The final score 15-3. Lotus is getting into the groove and still gearing up for the start of play-offs. We are excited for our four handles to arrive for the weekend festivities.

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