London Calling 2010 Pictures by Jon Hines

This was my third year at London Calling, which is a Mixed ultimate tournament held annually in London, Ontario, Canada.  This year was a new experience for me because I was playing with a team that has been practicing but had not yet been to a tournament together which is pretty rare this late in the season.  I’ve been taking a break this summer from touring ultimate but eventually I just couldn’t keep away so I started a team in Waterloo with some friends and held open practices.  The roster is set based on practice attendance so anyone can play if they are willing to practice with the team.  The whole enterprise is a little bit of an experiment but it seemed to have fairly good results.  We finished 6th overall and really developed some good flow as a team.

I think we surprised some of the teams at the tournament as we were brand new on the scene and were called “Pedro’s Yak”. We lost to the eventual second place team “Boom” (Hamilton B), beat “Big Fish” (Ottawa B) who had defeated us easily the day before and then lost to “Zen” (Toronto B) by one point after they took half 8 to 3.

Pictures in this Gallery were taken by myself (Jon Hines) and by Kristen Hines (my wife who is ‘with child’). Teams shown here are a cross section of the teams that were playing at the tournament (Pedro’s Yak was wearing pink singlets and beach wear and I am the guy in the teal shorts in the third last picture).


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