CUC Live

We’ll be broadcasting from CUC 2010 Finals Live on Sunday August 15th starting at 0830 ET.  The website for the live broadcast is: which you can view now if you are so inclined.

Throughout the Championships we’ll be posting articles and photos so that you can keep up to date with Nationals and the experience in Sherbrooke.

The main commentators for the finals will be Rahil Suleman and Amanda Moore.  A third commentator will be brought in for specific games as required.

We will have two primary photographers throughout the tournament:  Jonathan Hines and Lee Gonzalez who will also provide blog updates at the end of each day.  Both of these gentlemen will also be present on the sidelines during the finals matches.

If you’re attending CUC and would like to send us email updates throughout the day or at the end of each day then please contact:  We have a few players that will be providing a few updates but the more we can get from players about their personal experience the better.

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