CUC 2010 Day 4 Pictures by Jon Hines

Elite athletes are well and good but fans out number them 10 to 1.  I once had the opportunity to play for fans, and I have to say, I was jealous of the players on the field in the stadium on day 4 of the 2010 Canadian Ultimate Championships.  It took me a while to negotiate a little strip of gravel at the end of one endzone to shoot the athletes from but while I worked at getting field access, I took a look at the crowds and grew an appreciation for their enthusiasm and their joy at the event.  I’ve included a few shots of the non-players in this gallery because I think they deserve some coverage.

In case you were wondering, picture 1 is direct from the announcers booth, picture 3 was the result of the a call to “hug a volunteer” (many were hugged but this one was probably most swarmed volunteer).  Number 69 in picture 8 was definitely from Onyx (their logo was on the front of his jersey) and number 9 is an action shot from a “Thunder Stick Beating”.

Sadly, I had to leave halfway through the womens final in order to drive home to be at work by 9 am the next day, but I did see some high quality ultimate and some high quality ultimate fans.

The following pictures were taken by Jon Hines on the fourth day of CUC 2010 in Sherbrooke, QB.  They represent the end of the mixed and the first half of the womans finals.


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