CUC 2010 Day 3 Pictures by Jon Hines

Day 3 was my first and last morning to have a working shower at Nationals.  It was a nice shower while it lasted if a little small.  Day 3 was the day my computer died so that I was unable to post pictures from the tournament, sigh.

I spent a lot of the day dodging a group of local photographers who were selling pictures at disc central.  I was told that I had to stop taking pictures 5 times throughout the day by either the local pros (in the morning) or the event organizers (in the afternoon).  At first I was fairly upset at first as I’ve never been told that I have to stop taking pictures of ultimate so that someone else can sell pictures similar to the ones that I would have given away for free.  After I moved from the higher interest games (masters semi-finals and juniors final) I got some pictures I was happy with and had time to appreciate that Ultimate has risen to the level that a group of photographers would find a (theoretically) workable business model selling the pictures.  I did manage to get some of the semi finals and finals in between getting kicked off fields, some of which are shown below :).

[from Tushar] Day three photos contain a wide cross-section of teams involved in some tough matches.  Due to multiple photographers some photos (like #3) are available in other galleries on this site.

The following pictures were taken by Jon Hines throughout the third day of CUC 2010 in Sherbrooke, QB.


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