WUCC Daily Photos

Rather than posting day by day you’ll find the complete set below split up by day.  The Finals have their own sets.

You can also find these photos on our Facebook Page.

Day 1 , Day 2 , Day 3 , Day 4 , Day 5 , Day 6

Day 1

Featuring ONYX and Smurf.

Day 2

Featuring Tequila Boom Boom vs Riot and Euforia vs Doublewide.

Day 3

Featuring Nomadic Tribe vs Clapham United.

Day 4

Featuring Colony vs Ironside.

Day 5

Featuring Lotus vs Fury, Viksjofors vs Buzz Bullets, and Sockeye vs Ironside.

Day 6

Featuring Cambo Cakes vs UFO and Mooncatchers vs Dublin Ultimate.

Team Photo of Cotarica Grandes.

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