As I sit here on my 7 hour layover in Brussels I have become acutely aware of my journey from Waterloo to Praha will be longer than my journey from Waterloo to Boracay last year.  It’s not distance that I focus on now but rather that the sun hasn’t set on me for quite some time now.

Flying over Greenland before night fell in Canada meant seeing sunlight from the Arctic circle.  I think I will have to journey far north and play under the midnight sun.  When I will play I don’t know but I owe myself to do so.

All along my journey I’ve been on the lookout for players heading to Prague but we are still a drop in an ocean of humanity.  We have a long way to go before what we play is even known to the public.  While pass through EU immigration I was asked what Ultimate is and I proceeded to describe it in great detail.  I find that a passionate pitch at any time (including immigration control) will piqué interest and grow our sport.

Now I sit here, itching to throw, missing my friends and family at home and looking forward to meeting the ones waiting in Praha.

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