Training Day

During my morning walks I ran into a group of volunteers including Steph.  We split off into two groups as Steph and I decided that brunch was in order.  Taking a steep path down the mountain to the old city brings me closer to the idea of Praha that I’ve been developing over my limited time here.  It’s a city with a complex historical past and perhaps one of the most interesting in Europe.  It has the feel of a Western European city while it is considered Eastern European.

As this was the day when the team would meet up I had to return to the dorms in short order.  Meeting up with team members would continue over the day as more made their way via plane and car from Italia.  Famished we headed to lunch as the student cafeteria where I had one of the worst Lasagnas of all time.  Fortunately this was expected and the Czech Republic would be redeemed later in the day.

As the main fields were close outside of tournament hours and the green space around the dorms was marred by diagonal asphalt pathways we wandered off to find some green space.  In the sunset we threw in a park and practiced offensive plays for the first time as a full team.  Things didn’t seem all that smooth and we’ll see how that comes through in our games.

Tired and hungry we returned to the dorms and to dinner.  Goulash is amazing!  I had never had it before but it was quite delicious and am glad that the team ordered on my behalf (this time).

Exhausted after another long day and in preparation for a tough day of competition we headed to bed.

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