No Borders Quick Preview

As I’ve returned a few days ago and need to catchup on my unemployment I’m skipping “No Borders” this week which also seems to be the theme for a few teams.  Most notably Mephisto (2nd last year) will be missing as many of their players are unable to make the tournament (still in Europe, just returned, or at U23).  Phoenix will have their non-U23 squad present and will continue to prep ahead of Nationals.  Maverick (formerly Medicare) are not at the tournament and will instead be practicing in KW for Regionals (next weekend).

In Womens both Lotus and Storm will not be playing which gives Stella top spot as well as the pressure to win their home tournament.


With 21 teams across five pools the TD has split the pools into two sets:  A and B containing 1-8 seeds and C through E 9-21.  Conveniently (and likely with some purpose) Pool E contains the three Ontario Masters teams:  GLUM, Fuel, and Fossil.

The top pools are headed by Phoenix and Nads (strong team resembling Moondoggies from last year but missing many players) followed by General Strike, Red Circus, Q, Grand Trunk, TC East, and Bloody Gary.  Phoenix will have to work hard this weekend to keep the top spot given that they’re lacking key players.  The teams below them will be hungry for a tournament win and you can expect General Strike to get into the top 4 although they may be lacking players given their lower seeding in relation to Red Circus.

The lower pool will provide some interest with players moving around but all eyes will be on Firebird who many will be seeing for the first time this season.  For Ontario touring teams the results will be important for seeding next weekend at Regionals.  The Too Bad vs Firebird matchup will provide the most drama in the lower pools should they ever meet.

The game between Fuel and Fossil will be of particular interest for those with interest in Nationals; which Toronto team will wear the crown?  Will either of them give GLUM any trouble?  Probably not.


With a larger group of 15 Women’s Teams the TD has split them up equally into three pools.  Stella should have a fairly easy time getting through day 1 with fourth seed Team Canada U20 Women [Editors note: This originally said U23] providing the greatest challenge.  In Pool B Fusion is in top spot with more challenges coming from EXO and Mystik; an upset is possible as Lily had a tight match with EXO at Jazz Fest (losing 11-13).  Finally is Pool C headed by QUB who are looking strong in their pool but unlikely to upset Stella.

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