Mixed Up Preview

As our attention returns to Canada and Canadian Ultimate Championships in Sherbrooke we look to the first showdown in the East that decides how teams in the East will be seeded ahead of Nationals.  That tournament, which takes us back to Ottawa, is Mixed Up.

The tournament starts in a just over eight hours and

the schedule shows us the initial seeding which is spot on.

  1. ONYX – Quebec City (2nd at WUCC 2010 in Prague!)
  2. RIP – Montreal (10th at WUCC 2010)
  3. MONSTER – Toronto
  4. Big Hammers – Toronto
  5. Bytown Flatball Club – Ottawa
  6. Tabasco – Montreal
  7. MuD – Guelph
  8. Tundra – Toronto
  9. Hard – Montreal
  10. Practice – Ottawa
  11. BigFish – Ottawa
  12. Zen – Toronto
  13. Animals – Sherbrooke
  14. seVen – Ottawa
  15. ShortBus – Unknown
  16. Silver Fish Hand Catch – Toronto and Ottawa players including brand new Ultimate Canada board member Jon Unger Brandt.
  17. Plogg – Sherbrooke
  18. Umami – Quebec City
  19. Mutiny – Quebec City
  20. Arrested Development – Ottawa

In addition to the teams above there are five Juniors teams that will play in their own pool on Saturday and then join the others on Sunday:

  1. Overdrive – Toronto
  2. RessureXion – Ottawa
  3. Voodoo – Ottawa
  4. Green Monster – Sherbrooke
  5. X2 – Ottawa

Notably missing are Ontario Champions Mayhem and so it’s up to Big Hammers or another qualifying Ontario team to try and get into the top spot to grab a better seed at Nationals.  MONSTER is seeded as high as they are despite their Ontario Championships performance due to their vacationing team members returning.  This will be an exciting weekend and we’ll try to get updates from the field as games progress.

Predictions?  ONYX is looking way too good right now to be knocked out of the top spot.  In the past few years they had tight games against Liquid and it’s unlikely that any teams outside of RIP will give them much trouble this weekend.  There are a few other teams that have star power but have failed to click throughout the season; this is their last chance ahead of Sherbrooke and I hope that at least one of them does otherwise we’re looking at a ONYX/CHAOS or ONYX/RIP finals at CUC.

Let’s hope the sleeping giants of Ontario wake up.

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