WUCC Plans

In a few days I’ll be off to Prague to play with and watch the best teams in the world.  While it should be busy the plan is to provide daily photos and updates on my experience as well as how many teams are doing.

On Sunday my team (Cotarica) will be playing Doublewide (USA) and Euforia (Colombia);  on Monday the plan is to play CUUP (China).  I’m particularly excited to play Euforia as Colombian teams are quick and, from what I’ve heard, fiery.  I’m interested in seeing whether their style is unique to them or more in line with the North American style.  Both Doublewide and CUUP are teams I’ve seen play up close in the past year and they too should be good matches.

The rest of the week is a mystery but I suspect it involves Ultimate.

Be sure to watch the live streams as your favourite teams (including personal favourites Storm and Mephisto) will be playing Showcase games that will likely be broadcast.

In terms of the results it’s quite obvious that the US is expected to dominate but I think that the experience will be what most teams take with them.  The display of high level Ultimate should push individual countries to respond with better training and tactics to make the next four years more competitive than ever.

There will also be quite a bit of networking as I decide upon tournaments to visit over the next few years in addition to meeting WFDF members from around the world.  I’ll also attempt to bring you news of what happens at the WFDF congress on Saturday where a number of agenda items are voted upon (including Beach Ultimate’s inclusion in WFDF).

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