WUCC 2010

Keep track of my progress and plans for WUCC 2010.


June 24th

Tournament Format in PDF and the Game Schedule for the first two days in XLS are now available.

June 23rd

Friday night party details:  Bring plain white shirts for folks to draw on, steamboat cruises, and music!  Read full post.

Throwing mini camp with Sockeye at Strahov dorms 1830 on Saturday July 3rd:  Read full post.

June 20th

The Participation Agreement is available directly from the WUCC 2010 site:  http://wucc2010.com/sites/default/files/WFDF_Event_Participant_Agreement_Final.pdf

June 16th

The WFDF Event Participant Agreement has been sent out to players.  You can download it here: PDF .

June 10th

Booked my flight.  I’ll be arriving on July 2nd (evening) and leaving July 12th (evening).  I’ll get a day to relax after the finals and perhaps enjoy a bit of Prague.  Someday I’ll be back for a longer stay.


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