The Demise of Five

Read on to find out about the demise of…5.

Talk about sensationalist headlines!  Relax, this post has nothing to do with Five Ultimate (although you should check out their

WUCC Merchandise).

I’ve updated the WUCC 2010 Updates section to include the WFDF Event Participant Agreement: PDF .  This agreement goes with the check-in email that is available off of the WUCC site (the agreement is not available for some reason on location).

Note: #5 is missing from the Participant Agreement.

From the WUCC 2010 site:

Process of check-in:

1. Financial issues

First of all financial issues have to be settled. For information whether you own money or whether you shall be given back money please look into our registration system on financial issues concerning your team. If financial issues are not settled you will not be allowed to proceed with check-in. No exceptions are allowed.

2. Participation Agreements

Thereafter Participation Agreements will be collected. Please make sure all players in your team have signed and you bring them with you. If there are any Participation Agreements missing we will not be allowed to proceed with the check-in. No exceptions are allowed. If a player from your team is coming later on please ask him to give you the signed Agreement in advance so that you can bring it together with the others. Participation Agreements can also be sent by mail to this address: CALD, P. O. Box 199, Prague 6, 16041, Czech republic.

3. Badges hand over

Next stop will be badges hand over. A picture in the registration system as required has to be at each badge. Please note that badges will be checked in your hotel, by drivers of our transportation, at evening activities. If a player of guests does not provide us with a picture (in registration system as required) at the latest by June 14th we will make his picture during check-in and prepare the badge there. As this will be much more work for us and will slow a lot the check-in procedure we will have to charge each such player or guest for 10 EUR for his badge. We prefer to have it prepared in advance so we kindly ask you to make sure we get all the pictures till the stated date.

4. Players packages hand over

All players and guests that have paid players or guests fee are entitled to get a players package.

5. Transportation to your hotel

Transportation to your hotel will be arranged by us. All participants with badges are entitled to use the transportation.

6. Check-in at your hotel

Please note you need your badge first to be allowed to check-in into your hotel. As hotels have to make a copy of your passport and register you as their guests we recommend that you bring copies of your passports with you (copy of the page with your data and picture is fine). This will speed a lot the procedure.

We kindly ask all teams that will be in Prague on Friday to let us know in advance that they are coming for check-in on Friday. Thank you.

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