New Look!

Look at us now!

Over the past year we’ve grown quite a bit.  From coverage at local tournaments to live coverage of Canadian National Championships it’s obvious that this site needs to go new places.  We’re starting the change slowly by maintaining the blog format, providing space for Feature Articles, and an area with quick links to important event coverage.

There will also be an emphasis to add new writers and photographers as there are many passionate Ultimate players out there that I enjoy sharing experiences with.  If you’re interested in writing then send me (Tushar) an email:  If you have suggestions for content and/or events that we should cover let me know as we’re expanding.

The new look was created by my friend Jon Wilcox who’s a great graphic artist and web designer in the US:

Hope you like the new site and rather than bother with asking if you like it (as you’ll find ways to let me know) how about giving us your thoughts on the following:

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