Brief report: UKU Tour 2 (Open Divisions A + B)

WIth only two weeks to go until Worlds there weren’t a lot of international teams attending the second installment of the UKU Tour. Irelands Dublin Ultimate and the Netherlands Cambo Cakes being the exceptions. (The first weekend of the UK competition included several more international teams; Ragnarok, Silence, Inside Rakete, Karhukopla and MUC. The report can be read here) The first Tour had a bit of a disappointing final as Clapham convincingly won over Chevron Action Flash with a final score of 15-5. Fire of London took 3rd place that weekend and England solidified it’s reputation as the strongest ultimate nation in Europe. How did the second weekend fare?

Flashforward to past weekend. Unfortunately I’ve had little time to watch the matches due to our own tight game schedule (On Saturday it allowed us to watch the FIFA World Cup match of Holland – Japan which took priority). On Sunday we even had to leave before the finals to get to the airport in time (everyone on the team made their flight, which must be a record)

As far as Worlds Contenders at UKU Tour 2 I can say that Chevron still seems to struggle to maintain their reign set at Europeans last year. I witnessed a large part of their semi-final match against Fire of London and saw Fire collect a couple of breakpoints against Chevy. Unfortunately Fire also suffered the dropsies, so by the time I had to leave for warm up the match was tied at 10 all. But it all goes to show that Prague’s #7 seed had a very hard time against Prague’s # 23 seed. It looks like we’ll have a lot of hard fought and close matches to look forward to at Worlds!

As for the internationals attending UKU Tour 2: According to my Irish sources Dublin Ultimate had a great weekend and really found their groove on the field. For them the Tour was a promising final test before Worlds. I didn’t get to talk to them to find out their final standing, but it was higher than the Cambo Cakes. Us Dutch had to play with only half of our Worlds roster and couldn’t quite reach our usual level – despite some great individual performances. We finished 13th out of 32 – not holding our 11th UKU seed. But for those of us who were there it was a nice workout and last station before Prague.

Hopefully the UKU Tour 2 report will be finished in time for Worlds. I’ll be sure to post it up here for that little bit of extra insight into the UK (and Dutch and Irish) contenders for the global stage!

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