Ultimate Rob

Players are constantly looking for resources on how to become better players.  Usually the best resource is a local coach and many come to rely upon a single source.  It’s important to diversify strategies and coaches so that one can become a fully developed player.  More and more players are turning to the Internet for advice and articles on how to play the game and how to become better players.

The Huddle is a direct conduit from the best players in the world, to us that compete against those same players, about how they play their game and how they develop their strategies.  One could blindly follow the given advice but before you do it’s important to recognize that the players writing the articles have been touring for years and that they succeed by combining strategy with experience.  By following what the top players do without understanding how or why they’re doing it will lead to an extremely frustrating experience.

Luckily there is a site that understands and focuses on the various components of our sport such as rules, throwing, strategy, movement, etc.  Launched by Rob McLeod in October of 2009 www.UltimateRob.com is full of resources to help players develop naturally to the best of their potential.  Rob (and guest bloggers) write about a wide range of topics and each one is detailed with demonstration photos and video.  What I like most about the site is that Rob underscores that in order to perfect a particular action repetition and practice is what’s most important; that the hard work will pay off.

If you haven’t already seen the site then I urge you to check it out now:  www.UltimateRob.com

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