So we meet again

We first met on the white sand of Boracay on a beautiful day.  For Patrick, Vince, and me this was an experience outside of our usual routine.  For Hilco the beach, travel, and sun was his usual routine.  We spent a beautiful week playing with the best and partying with the greatest.  We left in a daze barely recognizing that we’d had the time of our lives.

We left going our separate ways.  Hilco continued his travels around Asia.  Patrick returned to Portugal and played in a few Beach tournaments.  Vince went home and was promptly inundated with work.  I came back to Canada and promptly dislocated my knee.

Barely had we recovered before we once again made plans to return to the tournament that started it all for us.  The tournament that the Boracay Dragons attended in 2009, the one that sent us to the Philippines, the one that calls us back each year:  Paganello.

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