UPA Easterns

UPA Easterns are approaching fast with Sectionals throughout April; Regionals at the end of April and beginning of May; and Finals on the last weekend of May.  Colleges have the best talent in the US and recruitment for a top club team is based in part on how one performed in College.

College tends to be development ground and given that strong players stay on the team for a number of years they breed dynasties.  Wisconsin Hodags were a powerhouse in the past few years but lately they’ve been losing ground and are in danger of missing the finals altogether.  While I could attempt to stumble my way through team previews and analysis my lack of knowledge (I’m just one “man”, man) leads me to provide the following link for you (the reader?): 


Movin’ on Up has a full series preview on teams in the East and is sure to satiate your appetite…for now!

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