Paganello Coverage

What should you expect for Paganello coverage?  Some things…

Over the last week I’ve spent my time with the Paganello organizers and have learned an incredible amount about the tournament and the people here.  I’ve gathered media and better understand why the organizers volunteer their time and energy repeatedly to put on Paganello.  You will get my thoughts on those items after the tournament and probably later in the year.

If you want live tournament coverage be sure to check this site out in the evenings as I’ll have updates at that time.  You should also watch but more importantly watch as that will have more live updates than IAMU.  The Paganello website ( will also have updates and blog posts.

Finally, check out Blockstack.TV throughout the tournament (and after) as Steve, Vince, and Hilco will be taking a couple of cameras around Paganello and associated parties to bring the experience to those that couldn’t make it this year.

As for me, I will be trying to film as many games as possible when I have the time as it seems that I accidentally signed up for two teams and might just be able to balance it out.

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