Paganello 2009 video – Womens Finals

As we approach the start of Paganello 2010 and Paganello coverage we look back at Paganello 2009 and the finals for all divisions.

The third video in our series features Air (USA) vs Super Hot Pot (Canada).  Both teams dominated their respective pools in the first round with each team going 4-0.  In the second round Air and Super Hot Pot ended up in the same pool with Super Hot Pot defeating Air (12-9) for the top spot.  Both teams battled hard on the pitch, and the dance floor, through the remaining games to meet again in the finals.

A big thank you to the organizers of Paganello for providing this video especially Frix, Gege, and Jumpi.

Tom Styles and Steve Giguere of as well as Tony Leonardo are commentating for this match. Please excuse the audio issues at the start of the video.

Big thank you to Jumpi, Frix, Gege, the organizers of Paganello, and the Libera Società del Frisbee for allowing me to post the following from the 2009 Paganello DVD.

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