Where to play next?

It has been over 1.5 weeks since my knee was dislocated and my MRI results are back.  My expectation was that there wasn’t any ACL damage but it appears that it’s slightly stretched.  The good news is that a much better brace has been suggested and I’m excited to get it on so I can return to the field.

Recovery continues but there was bone bruising and I’ll be taking it easier for the next month with only one tournament and league play where I work on fitness rather than all out winning.  One month from now I expect to be in shape for Paganello and that’s perfect timing.

Looking back over the last few years I can see that my injury problems first started almost four years ago when I played with cleats that had extra grip during the indoor season.  Rather than playing only a single game a night I put my knees through three grueling games where they took an absolute beating.  If I could change anything I would have worn different cleats.  It’s important to realize that artificial surfaces are much stronger than what we’re used to and one needs to select equipment appropriately.

Thanks to all that sent well wishes and I assure you that I’ll be back playing as hard a game as my brace can handle.

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