Lotus Invitational/Tryout?

Lotus is hosting a their second annual Indoor Invitational tournament on Saturday March 27th from 1400 till 1700.  The tournament will be held at Varsity Stadium and will cost $40.  A total of four teams will play in a hat format with no byes.  Read on for more details and contact info.

There’s a limit of 56 players for the tournament and preference will be given to ladies that intend to play on a Toronto Women’s touring team (Lotus, Lily, or Feisty) this summer.  In past years many Women from outside of the system have gone to play and see how they measure up against the top ladies out of Toronto.  It’s a very competitive tournament and a must for any lady that wants to play at the National level.

You can sign-up for the tournament by sending the following details to lotusultimate@gmail.com by Friday February 19th:

Also to note, this tournament is separate from the TUC intermediate tournament that Lotus will host in April; this is a high level tournament.

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