Teams appear

As more details on WUCC 2010 pop the most exciting to date is a partial list of teams on the WUCC 2010 website (  It’s a known partial list as many names don’t appear on the list (Lotus and Mephisto to name two) and much is left to conjecture as to what other teams we will see.

What is known is that this promises to be a hard fought tournament on all sides.  With greater diversity in teams each country and club will be able to see how they can improve and how they compare to the US and Canada.  ECC gives us a general idea of how the UPA teams will fare even though it remains tough to call how Australia and the UK will do in Prague.  Given the intensity of teams these days and the massive improvement in play style around the world that the last four years have seen I wouldn’t be shocked if a European team finished atop each of the divisions.

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