2009 – Tournaments – January

Over the year I’ve played around the world and over many months.  In this post I recap January.

Liquid Mixed Tournament – Waterloo

Liquid ran a nice little hat tournament on the morning of January 31st and a pre-registered teams tournament in the evening.  I played in both and felt the effects almost immediately.

In the morning tournament we lost only a single game and it was one that caused me to start adjusting my defense.  I was tasked with covering Jeff Lindquist (of GOAT) whenever he was on and I failed miserably.  While I was sorely beaten great strides were made towards the end of the game in becoming a better shutdown defender.  It was a complicated time time as I was still recovering from some knee injuries and wasn’t willing to wear my turf cleats and instead opted for gym soccer shoes (flat).  Provided that I had no grip the few turns I started getting towards the end of the game and the constant berating I was receiving from Darcy Drummond (captain of PPF) and Andy Rae (one of the current Medicare captains) I’m happy with my performance in that game.

The evening component was far less complicated and taxing.  I had picked up (this is a common theme in my Ultimate career) with one of two Dead Rabbit teams from Guelph.  The A team was comprised of many friends that tended to play together and had great chemistry.  The B team (the one I was on) had a whole whack of people that I was friends with.  Both the Rabbit teams were expected to easily beat all other teams at the tournament (which we did handily) and the A team was expected to handily vanquish the B team.  Fortunately the Rabbit game was far more exciting.

The A team slowly built a lead over the first half of the game and were leading by five at half; this was far closer than either side had anticipated.  Going into the second half we (the B team) adjusted our lines and put in one last ditch effort.  With one minute left we had closed the difference to two and had momentum.  We created a turn near their endzone and closed it to one with less than 30 seconds remaining.  This time around the A team hucked it and turned it near our end zone.  We moved the disc but were soon trapped on the line.  Our cutters opened up space down the line for a handler strike and I took it.  The huck came and was OB but I managed to snag it and toe the end zone line.  One second later the horn blew and regulation time ended.  Universe point!

This last point (unfortunately) did not go our way and we were unable to create any turns.  In the end it was an open side cut that did us in and finished the game.  We lost by one in a game were expected to lose by at least twenty.  Every loss sucks and this one was no different.  However that game was instrumental in increasing the worth of the B team players in the A team’s eyes.

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