Big Picture

Yesterday evening was my first foray into National level organization by participating in my first Ultimate Canada board meeting.  A friend in Hamilton (Linda) suggested that I try for an Ontario rep spot and at the conference a few weeks ago I was acclaimed (deeee-fault!).  I have, for quite some time, shied away from being a part of the system in Canadian Ultimate much preferring to think that I could create change more easily from the outside.  It’s a view that I’ve taken with WODS even though I’ve been on the board in Waterloo since the beginning.

Life is about experience and even the single meeting has shown me that trying to create change from the outside is the lazy way of approaching the problem.  By sitting outside of a group and simply complaining or even creating as solution without sharing it with the “system” will not result in anything unless somebody in the “system” notices you and champions your cause.

Better than to wait for somebody else to take action is to be proactive and join the group that makes decisions and if nothing else one gains insight into why things are the way they are.  So I’ve taken the leap and am on the Ultimate Canada (formerly CUPA) board of directors and I can tell you, it’s very exciting in seeing where we’re headed in the next few years.

If you feel there’s an issue in your local organization or really anywhere and you think you could help, do it from the inside, not the outside.

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