Still Tired!!! (photos)

Last weekend was our 7th (or is it 8th?) annual Oktoberfest tournament in Waterloo.  It’s a nice tournament where weather has gotten progressively better which has resulted in a drop in attendance (strange?!).

Actually, we face many issues as to why attendance varies from players partying too hard (we have had competitive players pass out on the field due to the party the night before) to CUUC.  This year we faced a drop in attendance due to CUUC being held in Montreal and some very competitive teams from the region heading there.

As you’ve read in the past few days I portrayed the UWO Sharks as having a lock on the National crown.  All indications from their play at CUUC was that they should have won in the finals against Carleton whom they defeated handily earlier in the tournament.  Unfortunately for UWO, Carleton bested them in the finals 15-11 and with it defeated an incredible team.

The Ottawa Women lived up to their seed (1st) by defeating Montreal (4th coming in) 14-9.  It’ll be interesting to see how the ladies continue to develop and perform into the club touring program (as there already is quite a bit of overlap between all programs).

I’ll try to get a followup interview with players.  If you have photos then please let me know and I’ll post them.

Here’s a few by Alex Tat on Flickr:

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