Philippines – Day 2 – Quick Review

Apologies for a complete lack of media from today (well almost) but it was busy from the start.

A new New Zealand team policy requires a morning swim and from bed to beach to water was a one minute walk. The water is cool in the morning and totally worth the early start.

I had no real plans for the day other than to get some Ultimate in. Mark and I met up with some of the Australian players with whom we wandered the beach with before grabbing breakfast.

Afterwards the day was a blur of throwing in the water (I was horribly unable to adjust my low releases) and food breaks.

After what seemed like a few hours turned out to be the morning and much of the afternoon we headed to the main beach field (the flatest part of the beach) to play a pickup match.

The shirts vs skins game was amongst the best games I’ve played in. The game started a few hours before sunset on a hot evening with crowds of people milling past. Whenever we played a point people watched us rather than the sunset; we engaged people.

The Dragons play the standard UPA style by looking to huck right away and they’re quite accurate by consistently putting it in the endzone.

Essentially the evening sessions are pickup games and are both fun and competitive.

Easily the most fun ever. Details on Day 3 coming shortly.

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