Day 1 – Boracay

What a day it was.

I arrived exhausted but awake and ready to try my luck at whatever the day would bring.  I cleaned up and headed out to the beach to see if my lucky streak would continue.  Every beach tournament I’ve been to I’ve shown up early and wandered onto the beach only to find a game inside of the first 10 minutes.  This time was no different, I ran into Karen (manager of the Dragons) and many of the Dragons themselves having a game with a couple of Australian and Danish dames.

The Australian (Lou) is a coach for the Australian Junior’s team and we had a good day chatting about the state of Ultimate around the world (more details to follow from memory).  Karen, Lou, and I spent the day hanging out by the beach, throwing with the locals (including a kid with quite a good arm, he’s a nephew of one of the players) and learning more about the Dragons.

As evening approached a few more of the Aussies arrived including a gent that some know as Tom, many known as Cupcake, and I have nicknamed Buttercup (you should all use the latter).  The evening also brought a fellow teammate:  Mark, who has visited this island several times and will be our non-native tour guide.

All in all this place is by far one of the best places I’ve been to in the world.  It’s beautiful, warm, and peaceful.

Looking forward to Monday as it’ll bring some of the Lookfly guys, Patrick (of BULA), and more teammates.

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