Hello all!

I’ve been substantially busy lately and with only the UPA series in effect (and plenty of coverage available everywhere else) I’ve neglected this site a bit.  Not to worry though as I plan on having some content up in advance of CUUC.

In other news Paganello 2010 registration is in open!  The greatest tournament in the world is April 1st through 5th of next year.  If you can get a team together then I suggest you register ASAP!!

My knee is healing slowly, I went out and played last Tuesday and pushed it a bit too much.  It’s important that I let it heal a bit more as I’m heading to BULA ACBU 2009 in less than two weeks.  Plenty of photos and coverage from that event while I’m there.

Big news for the week though will be CUUC; stay tuned for more details.

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