Not again…

I had plans to write about CHC in detail before last weekend but my plans were hampered by a dislocated knee in the second game.  Instead I’ll post photos soon and provide a bit of a recap of some important games.

One of the best parts of the tournament was meeting old friends and new friends (including LouEvil from Kentucky, a group of very cool blokes).

Medicare vs LouEVIL

This game was where I dislocated my knee.  This game was also between the top two teams in our Elite pool (we were top seed in the pool) and the winner would face an easier team on Sunday morning. ****

The game started out as a lopsided affair with Medicare taking the first few points (including a Callaghan by Craig Hyatt).  Both our O and D were performing well and LouEVIL was having trouble adjusting to our deep cuts.  Then the winds changed and LouEVIL played excellent shutdown D which brought them back into the game (including a Callaghan by Kevin Sims).  While a closer game Medicare still held the lead and that’s when I dislocated my knee.

A good 20 to 30 minutes later I returned to the field to find that we were now losing and the game was almost over.  Unfortunately this one went down as a loss for Medicare.  LouEVIL played an excellent game and they continue to be one of my favourite teams to play against.

LouEVIL wins 13-11.

Madison Club vs Machine

In a rematch of the game to go Madison faced off against local favourite Machine.

From the get-go it was obvious that Madison brought far more energy to the game.  Jumping out to an early lead their O seemed unstoppable while their D made an already uncomfortable Machine wither.  It wasn’t until close to half that Machine showed signs of life and managed to string a few passes together.

The second half presented a much more evenly matched game as Machine finally looked confident in their movement while their D was vastly improved.  Both of these teams will likely face each other again this year and it will be a heck of a battle.

On a more personal note I was quite disappointed with the poor spirited exhibited by the Madison sideline.  The team jeered, booed, forced laughter, and in general did as much as possible to antagonize Machine.  It wasn’t limited to Madison either, it seems that some of the groupies from the Women’s team joined in the display in an ill-fated attempt to get seek attention or favour from the Open team.

Very disappointing.

Madison Club wins 13-10.

LouEVIL vs Haymaker

A disappointing loss for Haymaker who started Sunday with a loss after an 0-4 Saturday.  Haymaker is also a local team and have plenty of talent that didn’t gel for the weekend.

LouEVIL moved to the top eight with this win and continued their perfect CHC record.

LouEVIL wins 14-11.

Finals:  Bodhi vs Madcow

Rematch from their first game on Saturday morning these two UPA titans faced off once again in an entertaining battle for the Championship.  Before the game it was obvious that these teams respected each other greatly and that we weren’t going to witness any theatrics that other teams in the tournament had exhibited.

Both teams started the first couple of points strongly and managed to avoid any serious problems until Bodhi broke for two points taking a 5-3 lead.  Madcow’s defense awoke and broke for three quick points including a Callahan on the first throw (throw by Frogger, point by Natas).  Madcow took a 6-5 lead until 7-7 when a very messy point resulted in a Bodhi break to take the half.

After half it was obvious that Bodhi was struggling.  While Bodhi had brought two full lines the east coast surfers could not match the pace against the three lines Madcow was running.  Bodhi struggled to hang on after one of their handlers was flattened (incidental contact in the air) but Madcow finished with two breaks to win 15-12.

While not entirely a memorable game I enjoyed my vantage from the side of the field and I believe that both Bodhi and Madcow will make UPA finals.

Madcow wins 15-12.

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